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Higher Achievement Program, Quarterly Newsletter, March 03, 2009

Larry Horowitz, CEO of Velsor Properties

To Higher Achievement, Larry Horowitz is a gift; and his relationship with us all began with gift wrapping! During a late holiday evening in 2005, Higher Achievement staff were wrapping books to raise funds at the Georgetown Barnes and Noble. In several hours, staff had made $20 in tips, but were thankful for the branding and outreach opportunity. Then, came Larry Horowitz. He appeared at the table with several books to be wrapped. Staff began to chat with him about our scholars and the organization's mission, and Larry's curiosity grew. He provided his business card along with a $50 contribution.

The next day, Higher Achievement's Executive Director called Larry directly to thank him. Soon, they met in person and Larry learned more about the program and became deeply engaged. He saw that Higher Achievement really needed and valued his support and his expertise. In 2006, Larry joined the President's Council and has become more and more active since then.

Larry has recruited new supporters to our ranks: three new members to the President's Council (Susan Carras and Steve and Susan Shaw) and his daughter-in-law, Jane Nakano, to the board of directors. He has connected us with many influencers and companies, from PNC Bank to Children's Charities to the Governor of Maryland. And, he consistently shares his wide-reaching expertise and passion for Higher Achievement: featuring Higher Achievement at Velsor Properties' annual benefit, leveraging multiple table sponsorships at our first gala, and providing advice on our board development strategy. In total, Larry has raised and leveraged over $50,000 and dozens of champions in just two years!

Larry Horowitz is the quintessential champion for Higher Achievement, seizing every opportunity to build support for our scholars. And it all started with a book.

In joint pursuit of excellence,

Richard Anthony Tagle
CEO, Higher Achievement

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